Why is Harry Potter the best novel series for tweens?


Why is Harry Potter probably the favorite book series I have read perhaps It is the best book I have ever read

And JK Rowling the author is a big inspiration she wrote it as a divorcee and a single mother while suffering poverty and depression and even kept writing after the first chapters were rejected. And the books itself are very inspiring as it focusses on that love and friendship are the most important things apart from that it also taught us some cool spells.

Probably a month ago in my English paper, I had an unseen comprehension about JK Rowling so I’m pretty sure that I have got full marks (the result hasn’t come yet. It better should be good).

(Me: clear’s throat)well, I am 90% sure that you have done quizzes on harry potter like which Hogwarts house are you and what is your Patronus and if you are under 11, you might have waited to be 11 so Hagrid can come and take you to Hogwarts. And wanted to ride and see magical creatures and ride a broom and still want to when you know that is fiction. And what I like about it is it is not a silly fiction that everyone lives happily afterward.

Well, according to my analysis mostly tweens like to read books that are adventurous, mystery, fiction and don’t involve romance much until unless you are a girl. There are a lot of books that are adventurous, have mystery, and are fiction and meet those criteria like ranger’s apprentice series, The apothecary, and Sky Raiders Book #1 of Five Kingdoms but there is something about harry potter that makes it so good. And that is because JK Rowling focuses on very little little details of a character or place that pulls anyone not even 10 years old to that group of Potter heads (fans of harry potter) but anyone to that group of Potter heads.

Rowling has taught us a big lesson for our life that is to never lose hope not even in our darkest times and to have trust in God. Harry Potter and JK Rowling have inspired a new generation of readers and writers. it is why only its first book has sold 450 MILLION copies. harry potter is still the best-selling book series of all time yet. but unfortunately, some Christians are against harry potter because they have theories like they are teaching their children dark magic, etc.

As I said earlier that it teaches life lessons, it is not like silly fiction there also is racism like muggles and mud-bloods have no respect, half-blood has some respect, and pure-bloods get a lot of respect.

And it also focuses on girl power like Hermione Granger, Nymphadora Tonks, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Molly Weasley all of them were very brave from the first page to the battle of Hogwarts. And Hermione saved her friends countless times and without her, Harry and Ron might have died already.

And the big thing is it is NOT complete fiction the wizarding world is parallel to our world. Do you remember when 12 people were eating and then Professor Trelawney and the headmaster told her to sit and eat but said she said I dare not, Headmaster! If I join the table, we shall be 13! Nothing could be more unlucky! Never forget that when 13 dine together, the first to rise will be the first to die!”. that was quite a thinking.

In the entire series, there are a lot of myths and Easter eggs like that. by the last book, all four Marauders are dead. They died in reverse order of which they were named on the map.

The names and the character also match ancient mythology like Sirius was the favorite one of the Greek ancient gods. Greek myths say that Orion(an ancient god)cared for his dog so much that a star was put up for the companion. That star is Sirius, also the brightest star in the sky. And Sirius’ Animagus was a dog! And do you know, Albus means “white” in Latin! And In the second century, a Britain governor was named Clodius Albinus. Albinus attempted to take the throne and ended up in an alliance with another contender, Septimus Severus.

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