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According to a survey conducted in February 2021, nearly half of the people stated that on average they spent 5 to 6 hours on their phone on a daily basis, not including work-related Smartphone use – which might seem fine, until you realize it amounts to 70 and 84 full days a year respectively.

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What are the common uses of a Mobile Phone?

Digital camera:

The most common use of a mobile phone is to take pictures from its camera so we can always have a digital memory of our life’s many memorable moments.

Audio recorder and Video recording:

We use the Audio recorder in our mobiles to record something which we said or just for fun we sang a song so to keep its record, we record it using Audio recorder.

Multimedia messaging and email:

We can use our mobiles for messaging our friends and family and we can also use email to mail something to our friends and family or we can also use email to contact our client if we have an online business.

Internet browsing:

We can also browse the internet from our mobile for new information to increase our knowledge.

Apps and Games:

We can also download many new apps for adding many new features to our mobiles and we can also download games to entertain us in our free time.

Music player and TV:

We can also use our mobiles to hear to music or watch TV from just our mobile.

How Mobile Phone companies can addict their user:

To create psychological dependency, the social media companies in the mobiles use some tactics to addict its user. These include pull-to-refresh and infinite scroll features, and they then slowly and gradually addict us to our mobiles. Many tech-addiction studies focus on consequences for the people of all ages and how mobiles cause many negative effects on their health.

Ways to cut down on phone use:

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  • Keep your phone out of the reach or your bedroom
  • Control your notifications so you can decide what should you be notified with or not
  • Actively limit your screen time by tracking the time of the apps you need to cut down on.
  • Practice by decreasing your mobile slowly and gradually and keep track of your usage time.


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